Why Mucky Pups?

We aim not to simply meet your expectations; rather we will exceed them for you and your children:

  1. Our aim is to provide outstanding early years education through creative hands-on play and learning experiences in a stimulating, safe and relaxed environment so children can develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically.
  2. Each child is assigned a Key Worker who encourages independence by facilitating the children’s natural exploration and scaffolding their development.
  3. We want children to feel excited about learning; giving them a positive first experience of life at Nursery School through inspirational experiences.
  4. We provide a diverse curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
  5. A positive relationship between parents and staff is encouraged at all times to ensure we create the best possible environment and cooperation in the interest of the children.
  6. Mucky Pups promotes a healthy lifestyle by organizing outdoor activities in our large garden and by preparing healthy meals and snacks on site.
  7. There is nowhere else like Mucky Pups - it is more than just a business. Children and staff regularly take part in raising money for the charities that the nursery school supports - allowing all to have memorable and fun experiences that help others at the same time.

One visit will convince you that we don’t just make promises - we keep commitments to parents and to children alike.

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