Our Food

We are passionate about food and consider it to be essential for healthy and happy children. All our meals and snacks are freshly prepared on-site by our chef using as much organic and locally sourced ingredients as is available.

Particular attention is paid to the nutritional value of each meal and menus are updated according to seasonality and carefully planned to ensure an optimum balanced diet - including the recommended ‘5 a day’ portions of fruit and vegetables. Delicious purees and finger foods are offered to babies and younger children.

Throughout the week, a selection of ingredients will be used with the aim to provide a day each of  chicken, red meat, vegetarian, fish and then a “non-healthy” day. Friday is often chosen because it is the last day of the week, however if it is the only day your child is in nursery then we are not quite doing our job!!  So the menus are rotated on a monthly basis allowing every child the opportunity to experience and enjoy a “non-healthy” day as well as ensuring variety for the young palette.

In recognition of this, Mucky Pups has been recommended a 5* Scores on the Doors rating from Aylesbury Vale Environmental Health.

The menu is available to see on the notice board in the nursery hallway at the beginning of each week or in the parents’ portal.  All meals will be subject to availability, therefore there may be occasional changes to the monthly planned menu.

This is an example of a typical menu.

Morning snack Lunch Afternoon snack Supper
Monday Water / milk & apples Penne pasta bake & carrots

Woodland fruit strudel & crème fraiche

Water / milk & fresh fruit Buttered teacakes.

Fresh fruit

Tuesday Water / milk & toast with Marmite Chicken curry, rice & vegetables

Berry Mix

Water / milk & homemade cakes Tuna salad

Fresh fruit

Wednesday Water / milk & oranges Sausage hotpot & broccoli

Angel Delight

Water / milk & fresh fruit French bread pizza

Dried fruit

Thursday Water / milk & pears Quiche Lorraine, warm potato salad & peas

Fromage frais

Water / milk & homemade cakes Salmon puff with dill dressing

Grapes & raisins

Friday Water / milk & bananas Cottage pie & beans


Water / milk & fresh fruit Coronation turkey wraps

Fresh fruit

Daily, Mucky Pups provide lunch and supper as well as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. During the morning children are offered fruit and a drink whilst the afternoon snack of homemade cakes will be as healthy as we can make them without the children realising! Lunch will be served at approx. mid-day and supper at approx. 4.15pm, whilst snack times will be at 10.30am and 2.30pm.

Please note we will not try and force any child to eat something they do not like, but we will encourage them to try new foods. If for any reason your child refuses to try the foods, then they will be served with something they do like and hopefully peer pressure will ensure adventurous, happy, healthy mealtimes!

Should a child have specific dietary requirements, we will liaise with their parents to find healthy alternatives.

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