Ofsted Report

Mucky Pups are constantly striving forward with our commitment to maintain the highest of standards.

The latest OFSTED (March 2012) report highlights:

“Overall the quality of the provision is good. Children make very good progress in learning and development overall. The nursery provides an exciting learning environment for all children.

For the most part, organisation of policies, procedures and practices are effective. They promote inclusion, welfare, safety and most practises pertaining to health appropriately.  There are excellent partnerships with parents and this is essential to the individual care that staff provides for children.

Through strong leadership and enthusiastic staff, the provision demonstrates an excellent capacity  for continuous improvement and self-evaluation is objective and robust.  The management and staff are determined to improve outcomes for children in all areas and the leadership team has a clear vision and realistic timescales to gain the highest outcomes for children”.

Mucky Pups always strives to improve. The field of Early Education  is constantly changing and the nursery endeavours to keep ahead of our competitors in various ways. Whether it is responding to our annual Parents Survey, our latest OFSTED inspection or by self-evaluating why we do, what we do - our priority is the children in our care and how we are providing for them.

At Mucky Pups we believe in an open and honest policy with our parents, as it is their thoughts and comments that help us to provide the service our parents desire. The nursery also follows up any recommendations from our OFSTED inspections as soon as we can. Our latest inspection report was an excellent one with several outstanding features,  however where certain recommendations were given, these were the actions put into place for them.

OFSTED comment Action
“Develop staff’s knowledge of the importance of good hygiene practices to minimise the risks of cross infection for every child, for example, by making sure that they all use safe procedures when they deal with children’s personal care, such as changing children’s nappies” This recommendation came about when the inspector noticed a member of staff inadvertently forgetting to change a pair of protective gloves in between changing two wet nappies. At the time, the member and all other staff confirmed this was an error and not normal practice.
“Improve the daily routine and make sure that it effectively meets the needs of all of the children” 4 babies were new to the nursery on the day of inspection and were in the process of becoming accustomed to their surroundings with each taking turns to cry around lunchtime. It was suggested that to provide a calmer environment for all the children that the babies were fed in a different room from the remaining noisier children.Mucky Pups immediately put this recommendation into practice and it has been extremely effective.
“Develop further the use of the outdoor environment to offer children more freedom to explore, use their senses and to be physically active and exuberant, for example, through the use of free flow play” Currently all our children use the outside area on a regular basis, whatever the weather. Mucky Pups has since obtained planning permission for a designated play area and the nursery now has 'free-flow play’ in all the rooms based on the ground floor. The play area now includes a large sand pit, a swing set for the older children and swings for the younger ones, a bike track, a tyre walkway, a play tunnel covered in grass for rolling and running down, a water fountain, a mud kitchen, a sensory garden and a quiet area for peace and calm.

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