All children are prone to illness and some experts have been known to say that children should have at least twelve colds in their first eighteen months in order to build up their immune system!

However in order to maintain a level of harmony and balance within Mucky Pups, we ask parents not to bring children into nursery who are showing signs of ill health or who have a tummy upset and allow 48 hours to elapse before returning the child to the nursery. Please see our illness policy for further details.

Any childhood ailments such as chicken pox should be reported to the nursery as soon as the child is diagnosed and the child should be kept away during the infectious period.

Should your child fall ill whilst in our care, we will contact parents or the nominated emergency carer. As a precaution against emergencies, we will ask in advance for your written permission to take your child to a doctor or hospital.

Please note that due to recent changes in regulations in childcare, each child must provide the nursery with their own, clearly named Calpol or Infant Nurofen which will be given as and when required or after consultation with the parent should the child become ill whilst on the nursery premises.

Any prescribed medication also needs to be clearly named and any information on dosage levels discussed with staff.  No medication can be given without formal written consent from parent(s).