Parents Information

Parents Information

This section of our website is designed for attending parents.

Communication is of paramount importance at Mucky Pups and we aim to give you access to up to date documents and information to ensure you always know what is going on at the Nursery School.

The monthly planning page details the month's activities for each room and will remind you if an item needs to be brought in from home. Just click on the room that your child is in.

Please note that planning is subject to change as activities can be linked to a child's interest/the weather/ surprise visitors etc! Daily feedback from your child's keyworker will inform you of what your child has been up to during the day.

How to log-in?

Please use the username and password that was supplied in your registration acceptance letter. If you have forgotten or mislaid these details then please e-mail for a reminder. Please note these log-in details are for registered parents only and should not be shared with anyone not attending Mucky Pups.

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